Coping Strategy Training – Turbocharge your Productivity!

Client-centric coping strategy training.  It’s quite a mouthful, but the premise is a simple one:  Give people the confidence, guidance and methodology to be better at their job, and they will be become more efficient.

This applies to anyone who is struggling to do a job or even everyday tasks due to physical disability, mental disability, or other issues. By addressing these issues in a practical and sympathetic way, a person will become happier at work and more confident in their own abilities. This leads to gains in productivity and an engaged workforce.

Under the Access to Work (AtW) scheme, a professional assessor will recommend a solution package to a qualifying employee  consisting of physical (hardware) or software components as necessary to help them do their job. Training sessions are often recommended in the use of those resources.

However, that is often where the support ends and the client is left to make the best use of the solution on their own with regard to making it work with their specific job function.  Increasingly, coping strategy training sessions are now also being recommended in order that the client can apply their assistive solution in the most efficient way.

Enabling Technology Ltd. have a professional, friendly approach, and a success rate that is pleasantly surprising for both employees and their line managers. But to achieve a positive outcome, both the client and their management will usually need to make adjustments and likely adopt new methods. No change – No gain!

It is our role, with your support, to identify what changes are acceptable, practical, cost effective and quantifiable, as well as in what priority they should be implemented.

Find out more on the Enabling Technology website, and read our coping strategy testimonials.

Just one of our many coping strategy training testimonials:

“I’d just like to take the time to say thank you for the support given during our meetings. When we first met you weren’t fully aware that you were dealing with the condition of ME and advised that your speciality is dyslexia however regardless of this you used what experience you do have to transfer these skills to support my needs.
I had gone from being what I considered to be a strong and confident leader with years of experience to someone who’s confidence was knocked and ability was hindered due to a recent disability diagnosis. With your engaging and simple approach in each session you provided me with techniques, strategies and areas of reflection that have allowed me to find my feet again.
Many of the techniques you have given me I have shared with others to simply help them manage their time better which they absolutely love so thank you from them!

A lot of the techniques given may well be text book but the manner in which you bring these to life was amazing and really pushed me to put them into practice so for this I thank you!

I have to say that the biggest area to thank you for is how you promoted me to self-reflect more and take time to praise me! This is something that I haven’t done for a long time given the impact my illness has had on me but taking time to look at things I am doing well really helped me to change mindset and start to focus the good in my life instead of all the challenges

Today I find myself a different person – of course I am, but I have found ways to be a great leader again and that’s thanks to the great support given by you.”

PS – Leeds


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