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Claro FaceMouse & Oska
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 Claro FaceMouse ® is a software solution designed to assist people who have difficulty using traditional computer input methods. Using face and head movement, users can move the mouse pointer using only a standard webcam. This enables navigation around the computer screen with ease. 

Coupling Claro FaceMouse with Oska on-screen keyboards enables users to read, write, play games and surf the net, further widening their use of a computer.


Claro FaceMouse uses standard webcams to allow your face to control and move the computer’s mouse pointer. Claro FaceMouse will smoothly control the mouse pointer by following head movements and facial gestures and actions (such as mouth opening and closing, or eyebrow movement). 

Moving the head left, right, up or down will move the mouse pointer on the screen in the same direction.
Claro FaceMouse is beneficial for a range of computer users with physical disabilities. If a user doesn’t have enough motor control for a physical mouse or joystick, Claro FaceMouse presents a novel, valid hands-free, non-contact method for controlling the mouse pointer, mouse clicking and keyboard.

Claro FaceMouse is also beneficial for other environments where non-contact, hands-free control of a computer is required. Examples include clean environments, non-contact environments, and computing at a distance.

Claro FaceMouse effectively turns the user's head into a remote 'joystick' controller. Claro FaceMouse has a variable setting for sensitivity, making the mouse pointer easier to control. Specific head or facial actions can be linked to keyboard presses. 'Head Down' can be assigned as the 'Down Cursor', and 'Mouth Open' could be 'Enter Key'. All the various face actions can be assigned to a keystroke.

Claro FaceMouse also has a 'Game Mode' which allows for assigned keys to operate as 'Press and Hold' until another action is made. In addition, the Claro FaceMouse scripts enable each action to be different, depending on which software application is being used.

For example, 'Head Down' could be normally be 'Press cursor Key down' – but when Adobe Acrobat Reader is the active application, 'Head Down' action changes to 'Page Down'; and so on. The Actions can also be linked to keyboard numbers (0,1,2,3) meaning that the Claro FaceMouse can be used to operate switch accessible or controlled software.

Claro FaceMouse also operates as an additional mouse input device – so it does not stop other mice or controllers being used on the computer. So Claro FaceMouse can bring in an additional control mechanism for when the hands are being used already. This is of interest in certain computer gaming and animation environments. Claro FaceMouse is tolerant of different lighting conditions and environments – and allows for movement on the seat.

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