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Chaotic workplaceClient-Centric Coping Strategy Development & Implementation Process
This 'process', proven to deliver results, (
see Testimonials below) is the approach we take with all clients wishing to improve their effectiveness at work and in life generally. To achieve positive outcomes (improvements and adoption of new methods and approaches etc) both the client and their management will need to make adjustments. 

It is our role, with your support, to identify what changes are acceptable, practical, cost effective and quantifiable, as well as in what priority they should be implemented.

The Access to Work Assessor has most likely decided on what number of strategy sessions are required and we will work together to effect the required changes using the process outlined below.

Step 1 – Background Information
We start the process by obtaining information from the customer via a 'Prioritised Learning Objectives' form, which should ideally be agreed with the customers line manager, and a 'Personal Learning Style questionnaire'.

Step 2 – First Session
Briefly explore with the customer their 'personal journey so far' and assist them to examine their personal strengths, expectations, solutions tried to date etc. From this and other information, the development and refinement of workable strategies begins.
Before the end of the session, a number of ways forward will have been discussed and the most appropriate ones ideally committed to try before any following sessions.

Step 3 – Second and Subsequent Sessions
Review the progress made in the 'trials' of the new methods and approaches and completion of the tasks as agreed. This is followed by any refinement needed, obstacles to overcome, time scales costs etc and then examination of the next highest priority area for development. Again a set of agreed time limited tasks are agreed before the session closes.

Please note
  • As appropriate, clients are also supplied with a number of handouts covering the topics raised in each session.
  • Notes from each session are emailed to the client and line management soon after each session, to act as both an aide-memoire of the session and as the agreed activity list to be 'tried', ready for review at the next session.
  • It is hoped that the line management will be able to provide the necessary information in order to quantify the amount of client improvement and the cost effectiveness of the training.

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We look forward to working with you.