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Chaotic workplaceClient-Centric Coping Strategy Development & Implementation Process
This 'process', proven to deliver results, (
see Testimonials below) is the approach we take with all clients wishing to improve their effectiveness at work and in life generally. To achieve positive outcomes (improvements and adoption of new methods and approaches etc) both the client and their management will need to make adjustments. No change – No gain!

It is our role, with your support, to identify what changes are acceptable, practical, cost effective and quantifiable, as well as in what priority they should be implemented.

The Access to Work Assessor has most likely decided on what number of strategy sessions are required and we will work together to effect the required changes using the process outlined below.

Step 1 – Background Information
We start the process by obtaining information from the customer via a 'Prioritised Learning Objectives' form, which should ideally be agreed with the customers line manager, and a 'Personal Learning Style questionnaire'.

Step 2 – First Session
Briefly explore with the customer their 'personal journey so far' and assist them to examine their personal strengths, expectations, solutions tried to date etc. From this and other information, the development and refinement of workable strategies begins.
Before the end of the session, a number of ways forward will have been discussed and the most appropriate ones ideally committed to try before any following sessions.

Step 3 – Second and Subsequent Sessions
Review the progress made in the 'trials' of the new methods and approaches and completion of the tasks as agreed. This is followed by any refinement needed, obstacles to overcome, time scales costs etc and then examination of the next highest priority area for development. Again a set of agreed time limited tasks are agreed before the session closes.

Please note
  • As appropriate, clients are also supplied with a number of handouts covering the topics raised in each session.
  • Notes from each session are emailed to the client and line management soon after each session, to act as both an aide-memoire of the session and as the agreed activity list to be 'tried', ready for review at the next session.
  • It is hoped that the line management will be able to provide the necessary information in order to quantify the amount of client improvement and the cost effectiveness of the training.
  • When providing this document to a dyslexic person, please print using a suitably legible font i.e. Comic Sans in their preferred font size and on coloured paper, to the readers preference.

For more information please contact us on 01785 243111 or email us at

We look forward to working with you.

I found the training really useful and applicable to my day-to-day working career. I found Dave to be really approachable and very responsive to my learning needs to ensure that I could get the most out of the training, without being bogged down with computers.

I particularly found the training useful around reading, concentration and time management. I still use the pomodoro technique now!

October 2017 PS – Probation Officer

My experience of dyslexia support was very positive because it gave me the tools and enabled me to organise my work better than before the training. Petra was an excellent mentor and teacher. Her personal experience of dyslexia made me feel at ease as a disabled worker. She was empathetic of all the barriers I face as a disabled worker. She did not make me feel uncomfortable or judge me for getting things wrong. In fact she was aware of the areas I lacked confidence in and would recall and share her experiences to make you feel at ease.

I would highly recommend Petra as a teacher in this area as she has definitely got the skills and knowledge to work with dyslexic workers.  

Adults and Communities Social Worker - July 2017

Just wanted to leave a message to say how appreciative and impressed I was in meeting with Peter today.
I had no idea what the session would entail but coming away from the session I feel optimistic both professionally and personally and found him to be a kind, considerate, knowledgeable and caring person who has left me with complete optimism and plans to try and better adapt myself to certain situations I have been suffering with.
I feel really happy and have already ordered the recommended books and feel I’m not as alone as I originally felt.

Kind Regards

James - Call centre operative – June 2017

Thank you so much for your time and skills in the last few sessions.
Having been a manager for nearly 20 years juggling the demands of the job, the steps we have taken to streamline and make more efficient my processes, focusing on mitigating my dyslexia have been revolutionary. They seem so simple but unless someone takes the time and has the skills to put the right ones in front of you and suggest you try, then they remain elusive.
My time is now spent on more important tasks such as the practical elements of my job, teaching and developing my team and I know they too are grateful, if unknowingly for your help!
Your material now sits in the ‘keep close to hand’ folder on my desk and I have shared a few with my team too!
SM – Outdoor Education Centre Manager - June 2017

When I accessed your training programme for dyslexia I didn't know much about it. I found out quite a bit during the training and found it beneficial to me as I learn new ways of coping with the dyslexia and have started to implement this in my daily activities. Peter you have got a lot of knowledge and understanding about dyslexia and if I had any problems you helped assist me with understanding things in general of which I struggle with on a day to day basis. Id like to thank you for your work you have done with me over the couple of months.
Care home manager  March 2017

PA to CEO – February 2017
My training with Dave Luff  from Enabling Technologies has been informative, thought provoking and inspiring. It has enabled me to analyse my working practices to promote more efficient ways of working, thereby reducing the stress.
Initially I did not know what to expect from the training and was quite nervous but Dave managed very quickly to put me at my ease which enabled me to participate fully in the training.
The training has also enabled me to set realistic goals and  increase my positivity. I have been made aware of recognised  techniques to  promote smart working practices and other outlets for information that I can utilised to further improve my performance.
Many thanks for all your advice.

My Coping Strategy training  from Enabling Technology Ltd has been informative, thought provoking and inspiring. It has enabled me to analyse my working practices to promote more efficient ways of working, thereby reducing the stress.

Initially I did not know what to expect from the training and was quite nervous but my trainer managed very quickly to put me at my ease which enabled me to participate fully in the training.

The training has also enabled me to set realistic goals and  increase my positivity. I have been made aware of recognised techniques to  promote smart working practices and other outlets for information that I can utilise to further improve my performance.

Many thanks for all your advice.

(Warwickshire client - January 2017)

I found the training sessions that you delivered were invaluable to my progressing forward with my dyslexia in the workplace and also within my day-to-day life.
You help me have knowledge of my dyslexia and understand how this affected my work practice. I have been able to put into practice the things that you showed me how to do and knows that I just did through the different examples given.
Thank you very much for your time and patience,

L.E. Community Nursery Nurse, Blackpool.  November 2016

I’d just like to take the time to say thank you for the support given during our meetings. When we first met you weren’t fully aware that you were dealing with the condition of ME and advised that your speciality is dyslexia however regardless of this you used what experience you do have to transfer these skills to support my needs.
I had gone from being what I considered to be a strong and confident leader with years of experience to someone who’s confidence was knocked and ability was hindered due to a recent disability diagnosis. With your engaging and simple approach in each session you provided me with techniques, strategies and areas of reflection that have allowed me to find my feet again.
Many of the techniques you have given me I have shared with others to simply help them manage their time better which they absolutely love so thank you from them 
A lot of the techniques given may well be text book but the manner in which you bring these to life was amazing and really pushed me to put them into practice so for this I thank you!
I have to say that the biggest area to thank you for is how you promoted me to self-reflect more and take time to praise me! This is something that I haven’t done for a long time given the impact my illness has had on me but taking time to look at things I am doing well really helped me to change mindset and start to focus the good in my life instead of all the challenges
Today I find myself a different person – of course I am, but I have found ways to be a great leader again and that’s thanks to the great support given by you

PS - Leeds - December 2015

The sessions provided me with everything that was missing in order for me to have an efficient and effective working life.  With everything you taught me I am now super organised, everything has a home, everything has a path, a system and this helps so much with my day-to-day well-being.  I no longer feel drowned by things to do, things to remember, I have confidence in knowing that nothing will be forgotten and everything is well planned for.  I always knew that I had the capability to do my job well, but not having the skills that you taught me was holding me back considerably!  I feel that my dyslexia is one of the things that actually makes me good at what I do but it can also be the thing that can ruin things for me, but you showed me ways to harness this and to make the most out of it and that it is important to respect it and utilise it, this came as a surprise as I used to think of it as a hindrance not something to be celebrated! And it is probably for this that I give you the biggest thanks of all.

FW – Salford – April 2015

Peter has given me the skills to believe in myself and the work that I am doing.  I now have the confidence to write and send an email without feeling the need to proof read it 20 times.  This change is down to the advice and help I was given.  Peter has taught me to see my dyslexia as an advantage instead of a hindrance.  I now appreciate the skills dyslexia has given me instead of worrying about the things that I have difficulty doing.

VB, Sunderland,  2015.


I found my sessions with Peter very helpful, it gave me a new insight into my mental disorders and provided me with different and helpful ways that I could use to manage them, the techniques were simple ones that for some reason I didn't consider.  I also found Peter to be very kind and helpful, he helped keep me at ease while discussing topics I may have found difficult and he was always considerate not to push a subject or discuss private things in front of others.

Aaron, Wales, Charity Worker,  2014.


"I had been recommended Enabling Technology Ltd. as an organisation by Capita Symonds who did my dyslexia assessment. I contacted Enabling Technology and was pleasantly surprised in their quick and positive response.  My first session was organised in no time at all and I met up with my tutor. Since the first meeting I felt very comfortable in the sessions and was able to share my thoughts regarding the offered strategies. Every session was tailored to my needs and speed of my learning. I felt that the sessions were demanding and pushed me to explore new ideas and strategies. I see this as a very positive way of learning as it made me open up my mind and develop in different ways than what I was used to so far.
What I really enjoyed was the fact that I could discuss any topic again if needed.

I can recommend this company to anyone who would like to receive good quality service and also have fun while learning new things.

 - Monika.L. - Social Family Worker  - Summer 2014

Software and strategy training for a client with dyslexia, following an ATW assessment:

"My manager arranged for me to be assessed by “access to work” for support in my job as I am dyslexic.  This was quite easy; someone came to my home asked me a series of questions about what my needs were what I did in my job etc.
I was sent a detailed report of what they recommended, which was what strategy training was needed/required and how to use the new technology.  This was 10 x 3 hour sessions for coping strategy training/skills adjustment coaching and 4 x half days refresher training in Dragon, text help, inspiration, the talking calculator and the digital voice recorder.
The training has been first class.  The two trainers, one for software and one for strategy, always came to my home, as this is where I normally work.  They were always on time and very polite.  They have been very flexible with the times and my different learning needs and issues.  I have found them both to be very motivating, professional and they have both have given me lots of help on how to organise my working day, emails, folders and office space.
Over this time I have tidied up my email account and got my contacts in an order so that it is easy to email.  My paper files are now in order and are colour-coded.  I feel I have the foundations to build on the knowledge that they have given me.
I’ve also learnt new shortcuts on the laptop and learnt new coping strategies to help with my dyslexia and confidence.
I have found this service very useful and it has really helped me in my working life.
I found the different strategies helpful and time-saving.
I would recommend this service as it has been a great help to myself and to my organisation."

Janet H - Project Organiser & Tutor – National Education Association - October 2014


Accepting that I am dyslexic, has helped me to feel confident when expressing this to other people, this has increased my confidence and given me a comfortable and relaxed attitude towards people, without feeling that I am always being judged for mistakes, when I am, not being judged. 


The training has helped me to go forward and register with an Employment Agency, feel comfortable and in control during a works meeting with my manager, which gave me a good and positive outcome.


I am aware that I have much more to achieve with being dyslexic, on going confident building, which I know that I need to continue working on.


I know I would benefit what I have been taught and to give more time to the handouts which I am sure will add value and satisfaction to my working role and my personal life. 


Thank you very much


Delma. (Family worker for London borough)