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Computing for the elderlyOlder generations are increasingly using computers and the internet for entertainment, online shopping and keeping in touch with family and friends.  In care homes or for people living alone, computers, together with assistive technology can help a lot to reduce any sense of isolation. Applications like Skype and Apple's Facetime allow face-to-face video calls to anyone else in the world with a suitable computer, tablet computer or smartphone and an internet connection. For the visually impaired, software exists to allow complete control of a computer via a spoken description of what's on-screen. Or for anyone unable or unwilling to cope with computer technology, software is available that simplifies many common computer tasks into a few simple keystrokes.

At Enabling Technology, our solutions are designed to give everyone equal computer access and to help them continue to live an independent life style. We recommend a variety of solutions aimed at those wishing to live more independently and have broken these down into the categories below:

Computers & Technology Made Easy
Dolphin Guide software screenshotFor absolute beginners to computers and modern technology or those that are daunted by the prospect of navigating a computer, alternatives are available. For example, Dolphin Guide software allows you to control your entire computer requirements by simply pressing less than 15 buttons on your keyboard. You simply follow on screen prompts and push the appropriate number on the keyboard, i.e. 1 for email, 2 for letters etc. Guide is very simple to use and within moments you will be able to write a letter to family members, send an email, listen to online radio and even upload a photo from a digital camera.

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Synapptic assistive smartphonesWe offer a range of fully functional phones and tablet computers that are designed specifically for the hard of hearing or the visually impaired. There is even a low-cost phone with a built-in emergency SOS button. The phones are aimed at the elderly or infirm and although they offer all the functionality of a smartphone, are very easy and intuitive to use.  For that reason, they are also ideal for anyone who simply finds smartphones too complicated!

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Visual Computer Solutions
Zoomtext  boxshotsFor anyone who struggles to view pictures and text on a computer screen, magnification software can enlarge what is displayed up to 60x original size with no loss of clarity. In addition to magnification, some software versions will also read everything on screen to you clearly in a natural human voice to ensure that you never get disorientated or lost. Also, various colour combinations can be set to suit personal reading contrast preferences, e.g.,  white text on a blue background or yellow on black, etc.

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Visual Lifestyle Solutions
Zoomtext ImagereaderIf reading printed material is difficult or impossible, there are a some excellent solutions available. Hand-held electronic magnifiers are capable of enlarging near or distant text, and can also be used for pictures and photographs. Desktop electronic magnifiers come as a complete "stand-alone" unit or are designed to be plugged into a laptop. These desktop magnifiers are better suited for reading books, newspapers and magazines. Some of these devices are even capable of reading aloud whatever is placed under them with a selection of natural-sounding voices.

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