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textHELP Read&Write PC and MAC are all able to be installed as a site licence across all of your institutions or businesses machines. Owing to the numerous editions available, we advise that you contact us for details on the cost of the most appropriate licence to your specific institution.

These site licences are the ultimate way of ensuring maximum inclusivity in your establishment.
There are various licencing types available and depends on the nature of your requirements and organisation. A brief explanation of the various types is detailed below;

For Education – (Choosing either PC or MAC only)

* Primary or Secondary School (Single campus): A single unlimited user licence will be implemented across your machines.

* Primary or Secondary School (Multiple campuses): A single unlimited licence covering all of your associated sites.

* College or University: Dependent on the number of sites and the number of enrolled students. Five licences are available in terms of student numbers;

- 1 to 5,000 User Licence
- 5,001 to 10,000 User Licence
- 10,001 to 15,000 User Licence
- 15,001 to 20,000 User Licence
- 20,001 plus User Licence

Local Authority Concurrent Licencing (Choosing either PC or MAC only):

* A starter pack of 25 user licences is implemented and subsequent additional Concurrent Licences can be added.

Corporate Licences (Choosing either PC or MAC only):

* Available either as a 5 Pack Concurrent Licence which can then be added to or, as an Unlimited Site Licence based on the number of employees.

Dual Platform Licences (Combined PC and MAC):

* Ideal for institutions with a mixture of PC and MAC computer users. Please
contact us for specifics on Dual Platform Licences.

Can I try before I buy?
Yes, we can install a 30 Day trial Site License ensuring access across your entire establishment. It will deactivate after 30 days. Alternatively we can supply a single computer demo of Read & Write. Please
contact us to request a demo Site Licence or single computer.

Should I choose a site license or multiple Mobile USB editions?
Site licenses ensure ultimate inclusivity and access to Read & Write on any machine (excluding specific numbered licenses, i.e. a 25 User pack means access on 25 designated machines). Certain site licenses can give up to 20,000 Users access to Read & Write. They have a very low cost in terms of cost per student / employee.

You should consider how many users you think require access to Read & Write plus the advantage of having easy access on any machine compared to carrying round a
Mobile USB device.Typically, buying more than 8 Mobile USB editions costs more than a 1 – 5,000 license meaning that for a similar cost for having 8 licenses on a USB you can ensure access for 5,000 users on every machine in your institution.

Minimum System Requirement
Please refer to either
Read&Write 11.5 GOLD for PC, Read&Write 6 GOLD for MAC or Read&Write GOLD Mobile. We will work to ensure a site licence will be successfully integrated with your internal computer network.